Tricia's albums to date include,

"No Fear in Love"

"In the Spirit of Love"

"Eclectic Emotions"

her singles,

"Another Day in Paradise"

"Too Good" 

"Baby, You're My Valentine"

"Soul Harmony"

a remake with Stephen Sea

"Keep Me Hangin' On"

on David Scudder Explosion album


Tricia was born in a village in upstate New York on a 72 acre farm

She moved to San Jose, California as a teen and the world

of music and concerts opened her heart.

Suffering the loss of her parents while still a teen set her in a mode of survival

lasting most of her adult life into a place of writing words and lyrics to music

to heal and set her heart free.

She began her music career in 2003 with her

first album, "No Fear in Love" 

On both emotional and spiritual levels,

Tricia performs her music on many songs expressing

her thoughts and feelings about love and loss and hope to comfort and

inspire others through their journey through life. 

 Her second album, "In the Spirit of Love

sums up Tricia’s journey as her lyrics poetically

express her deepest feelings of victory over circumstances.

“My two edged sword pierced every lie, made shadows disappear.” and “Through the valley of sorrow and pain, my sorrow turned to peace.”


Tricia performed in Denver, Colorado for ICVM, an International annual film maker’s conference where Los Angeles composer Jonathon Neal, after listening to her play, shook her hand and said, "Tricia, get out there and perform. Bart Gavigan, writer-film-maker-director asked Tricia to perform before his keynote speech giving her the chance to be heard in front of over 200 film industry execs.

Over the years, having performed at various venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She performed at the Henderson Pavilion in Henderson Nevada  for a benefit concert for an International suicide prevention organization -

Tricia’s first audition and performance in 2001 was for a concert with seasoned professional songwriters taking place after a national songwriting seminar hosted by, Lewis Greer, Ceo and founder of Do Good Tricia and Lewis co-wrote a new song, "You and I" on her new album, "In the Spirit of Love".

Her song "In Heaven 9.11" written and recorded to comfort hearts won finalist with Song of The Year and VH1, produced by James Robinson, Favored Nations acoustic guitarist.

Her songs, "Baby You're My Valentine" and "Wanna Feel Your Love" have also won awards.