Tricia Greenwood Announces Free Downloads of 'Baby, You're My Valentine' & More

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Award-winning singer-songwriter Tricia Greenwood announced today she'd be giving music lovers from across the world the gift of love songs for Valentine's Day. Complimentary downloads of "Baby, You're My Valentine" and other music from Greenwood's albums will be available at

"Love can be expressed in so many ways and most often I choose to express my love with music," said Greenwood. "Music sets the stage for romance whether it's at home, in the car, on an iphone or in an email. It's simply a way to reconnect with someone you have been out of touch with to create a memory. Giving a song as a gift to share will touch their heart and show how much you care. Life is short and I hope my music can help bring more love into peoples lives for Valentine's Day."

Since the launch of her music career in 2003, Greenwood has written and produced three albums, including "No Fear in Love," "In the Spirit of Love" and "Eclectic Emotions." Her first album included the song "In Heaven 9.11" awarded as finalist in an international songwriting contest with VH1. Her song, "Baby, You're My Valentine" recently earned her a semi-finalist placement in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and is also in a YouTube video.

Greenwood's complimentary love songs are considered family-friendly with universal appeal. Her vocals and guitar playing on "Thank You." a cover song originally written and recorded by Led Zeppelin fits well with never ending love and the classic, "Fever." highlights the nostalgia of classic love songs. Her original songs lyrics are thoughtful and honest with melodies that touch on the ups and downs of all types of close relationships.

To download love songs from Tricia Greenwood's albums in time for Valentine's Day, visit For more information about Greenwood, including new music and more, visit




Thursday, February 12th, 2015 - Heartspeak Music

Greenwood and Sea’s Prescription Spins A Deeper Connection Groove

Soul Harmony is a new duet released by Heartspeak Music, written by award winning singer songwriter, Tricia Greenwood “… has an unshakable groove ” said Producer, composer and musician, Stephen Sea, the founder of Broadcast Media Tracks LLC.

Sea said, “It’s been a pleasure to work on such a beautiful song.”

DJ Gabriel Moreno, a professional DJ in the wedding industry for over 15 years said, 

“I’ve listened to many different types of love songs from a variety of artists and genres.  “Soul Harmony” captured me by its uniqueness of sound and meaningful lyrics. It is a work of art with the voices of Tricia Greenwood and Stephen Sea, just beautiful for formal weddings and engagement celebrations.  I’ve added “Soul Harmony” to my top ten list for Valentines Day and upcoming weddings to get people up and dancing after Cupid’s Shuffle” and Pharrell’s, “Happy.”

“On Valentines Day, people think of flowers, candy and candlelight dinners while listening to love songs. “Soul Harmony” evokes a sense of meaning and the lyrics help relationships reflect upon what’s important with expressions of understanding,” said Greenwood. “I’ve written songs to comfort and inspire, this enchanted song makes people in love feel incredible with a natural form of communication.” 

“You’ve got the love I need, so far so sweet

Living in love, 2 hearts meant to beat

in Soul Harmony”

After recording “Soul Harmony” Greenwood and Sea hoped to get the domain, but a search revealed that it belongs to one of the top dating sites on the web. When typing in, it actually goes to eharmony’s website. Although slightly disappointed, both Greenwood and Sea were impressed with eharmony’s foresight and cleverness.

“Soul Harmony” is available for download at 

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Bay Area Recording Artists Stephen Sea and Tricia Greenwood Release New Duet “Soul Harmony” 

New Release Appeals to Baby Boomers and Millennials Alike

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) February 05, 2015 

Soul Harmony, a duet born to be a hit where all ages turn up the volume was released today by award winning singer songwriter, Tricia Greenwood and seasoned producer, composer and musician Stephen Sea. Sea is also the founder of Broadcast Media Tracks LLC. 

The song came into existence from a car ride out to lunch with Greenwoods’ friend Michelle Walters explaining that her husband Brandon takes the long way around when missing a cue using a GPS for directions. Greenwood said, “I was inspired with lyrics later that night as I strummed on my guitar singing the line, “I don’t care if you take the long way around, you’ve got the best love I’ve ever found.” 

“Working with Tricia affords me the opportunity of crafting productions that feature a rich vocal element that I recognized the first time I heard her sing, said Sea. I’m looking forward to working more with her in the future.

“Stephen Sea is an amazing musician and his voice and passion for music is contagious,” said Greenwood. “He’s producing my next album and film score for my documentary to inspire others to take risks and make the desires of their heart a reality, because even for baby boomers it’s never too late. “

Stephen Sea’s previous CD release, “Truth to the Rumor” was on the charts for more than two years on over 500 commercial radio stations with his composition, “Paramour de Andrea” remaining on playlists today as a classic. Sea has been serving the commercial broadcast industry with music for film, television, radio and multimedia for 20+ years including: Film Score, Underscore, Sound Design: Buena Vista / Disney, New World Pictures, Universal Films, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and more. Between working with artists in several genres, creating complete rhythm sections and orchestra parts where needed to define their unique voice and style of music to showcase their talent, He’s currently recording a self titled album due to be released in May 2015. 

Greenwood grew up in a musical family and has earned her reputation as a songwriter with, “In Heaven 9.11,” “Baby, You’re My Valentine” and blues song, “Wanna Feel Your Love” winning awards since beginning her music career in 2003, now with three albums to her credit and a few singles, “Soul Harmony” is her first duet. 

“Soul Harmony” is available for download at 
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Stylist and Award Winning Songwriter Tricia's New Album "In the Spirit of Love" Cuts Straight to the Heart


”In the Spirit of Love” delivers heartfelt lyrics in a world of uncertainty, the inspirational songs deal with the reality of love and loss, a gift to share just in time for the Holidays


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 09, 2012

From the very first moments of “I’m Coming Home” on Tricia’s new album, “In the Spirit of Love” makes it clear that this singer-songwriter is a woman on a mission. On both personal and spiritual levels, this artist shows her talent with live studio takes on many of the songs expressing her feelings ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the passion of her performance.

 "Look in the mirror, it's a good hair day" Tricia sings in, "I'm Coming Home" and if you know the way to San Jose you may see her in the front window beautifying her clients by appointment only where she co-owns Park Avenue Salon.

The album’s title song and centerpiece “In the Spirit of Love” sums up her journey and victory over life events from childhood to the present loss of love and loved ones. Her lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings. “My two edged sword pierced every lie, made shadows disappear.” and “Through the valley of sorrow and pain, my sorrow turned to peace.”

 “I chose to release this album as Tricia and not Tricia Greenwood to be free of the past and my music helps me to heal my heart and conquer the pain. I have worked very hard to overcome life’s tragedies of divorce and betrayal. I have learned how to unlock the fear and loneliness that controlled me throughout my life and I now see myself as a victorious warrior. Enduring the loss of those I love never gets any easier, after my only son Jamie James passed away in 2006, my feelings turned into a numbness that paralyzed me emotionally, he was a wonderful son to me, the 4th song on the album, “I Wish You Were Here” is about him and I sing it to him” says Tricia.

 Her two cover songs from her favorite artists since she was a teen, “Let it Be” by the Beatles and “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin echoes with honesty and simplicity. No two ways about it this heartfelt album work with four of the selections featuring a full rock band completes Tricia’s ascent from the folk circuit to rock, featuring guitarist Aaron Madsen, written up a few times in guitar player magazine praising his lead guitar riffs and additional guitar tracks, Loren Rendler on drums, Harold Martin on bass guitar, Erik Johnsgard on keyboards and MaryEllen Duell with her sweet harmony vocals on the song, "I’m Coming Home"

 “In the Spirit of Love” defines a true artist with an honest journey of life’s highs and lows emotionally and spiritually, Tricia shines with her high energy and smooth clear vocals, her remarkable songwriting talent has a mainstream quality that hearts of all ages will relate to from “You’re Not Alone” to “You and I” the subtlety of “My Angel” to the conviction of “Need a Change” on the merry-go-round of life, this album will surely find a place in the collections of any music fan.

 The album is available through itunes and at

Tricia's website:

Artist: Tricia Greenwood
Album: In Heaven 9.11
CD Review: Usually, I am against 9/11 recordings because I think there’s a vague or blatant sense of profiteering behind them. And those, and any tv movies and etc. that come about, I am against until the ‘war’ is over.

But I’m making an exception in this case, because I firmly believe in Tricia’s motive. Also, it’s a crying song, not a song to rouse the patriotic flag waving that’s been going on. (Nothing wrong with waving a flag of course, provided you’re accomplishing something else.)

This 3.5 minute song is one which is meant to bleed the tears away from the heartache of this appalling, unnecessary tragedy, and ends with ‘holy holy holy.’ It’s a lovely little gothic-type song (from Sunnyvale, CA!) that won’t appeal to everyone. But its acoustic construction and honest love (I would say) may win over those who are usually opposed to the indie tinge of ‘personal’ songs. 

Even more than supporting the artist, I suggest you support the concept of this song and what it’s trying to be. Whether or not it’s the perfect thing to give a relative of a victim of this outrage isn’t for me to say. Perhaps it depends on what sort of tears they keep inside of them. Listen for yourself and judge. But above all, support the spirit of this single. There will be scam artists out there using the numbers 9/11 for selling their own wares, but use your own judgement, and listen to the music before the hype. 

The immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 tragedy left many groping for answers -- looking to officials, loved ones, religion and within themselves for some sense of understanding or closure.


Two Midpeninsula residents, Tricia Greenwood and Hern·n Gamarra, turned to art as a means of expressing their feelings about the tragedy.


Like many of us, Greenwood spent the hours, days and weeks following Sept. 11 fixated on the glow of the TV screen, waiting for the latest update and trying to fathom the scope of the horrors flashing before her eyes.

"Even at work, I wanted to listen to the radio, but my boss said it was unprofessional," said Greenwood, who works as a graphic designer. She switched it on every day as she commuted home from Palo Alto to Sunnyvale, "just to see if they'd found anybody, just to hear some good news." But the overwhelming tragedy took its toll on Greenwood, who lost both of her parents within three years as a teenager.

She arrived home from her guitar lesson Sept. 30 deep in thought, pondering the best way to contribute to the nation's healing. A song she had written the year before, "In Heaven," surfaced in her mind. It was composed in tribute to her friend, Chris, who was fighting a losing battle with cancer.


Remembering how the spare, spiritual ballad had brought such comfort to Chris' relatives at the funeral and afterward, she concluded that maybe music -- her longtime love, but never her career -- could again pave the path toward healing.


She rewrote only one verse to reflect Sept. 11: "Sometimes I know it feels/Like the pain will never end/Life will never be the same/It takes time for hearts to mend." The song --the first she has shared with the world -- features her soothing second alto vocals (and harmonies by friend LeeLee Stone) over the understated acoustic guitar of friend and teacher James Robinson.

"My heart goes out to the people who were killed," Greenwood said, "but the people who were left behind are the ones left here to endure the loss." The song's lyrics describe the trials of recovering from a loss or trying to comfort those left behind, ending with an image of reuniting with loved ones in heaven.

"It gives people hope that this isn't the end," said Greenwood, whose faith in God is central to her music and life. "Music can really help people open themselves and be ready for change. Only God can renew your mind."


When selling the single in stores turned out not to be financially feasible, she began mailing out copies, including some to relatives of Sept. 11 victims. She has sent out more than 300 CDs so far, and will continue to do so for those who request it.


"I don't want to make a dime off this," she said. "I want to give it away."


Greenwood is currently working on a full-length CD, "Love and Fear," which she hopes to release in May


The Sunnyvale Sun

CD REVIEW: Tricia Greenwood

No Fear in Love

"Sometimes, I know, it feels the pain will never end./Life will never be the same./It takes time for hearts to mend."


Tricia Greenwood—a 15-year resident of Sunnyvale, CA—included these two lines when she rewrote a verse of her song "In Heaven" to reflect her feelings about Sept. 11. The song is featured on her first album, titled Tricia. Greenwood, who is from New York, empathizes with all those dealing with the aftermath of the tragedies that claimed thousands of innocent lives.


"I've never had anything affect me so deeply," Greenwood said. "This is my gift to help mend the heart of anyone who lost a loved one on that day." New York 10 days before the terrorist attacks and even snapped a picture of the World Trade Center against the New York skyline through the airplane window during her flight back to California.

With words meant to calm and comfort the listener, Greenwood hopes "In Heaven" will have a healing effect on its listeners. Employing a calm tone throughout the track, Greenwood ends the song on a religious note.


James Robinson, a Bay Area jazz musician, accompanied Greenwood on the guitar and also recorded and produced the CD. Lee Lee Stone provided vocal accompaniment. Greenwood included a photo of the Twin Towers on the back cover of her CD. Greenwood was in Although she has been playing the guitar for 10 years, Greenwood continues to take lessons from Robinson and wanted him to be a part of her CD. Robinson's guitar at the beginning of the song sets the mood, she said.


"The guitar sounds like the player is knitting together someone's heart," she said.


Greenwood wrote the original song after a friend died from cancer 11/2 years ago. She gave copies of the song to her friend's family members.


"They sent me letters saying how they listened to it every day," she said. "If this song could affect a few people in a healing way, it might help some of those loved ones left behind on Sept. 11."


The aftermath of the terrorist attacks brought other memories of loss to the surface for Greenwood.


"I lost my mom when I was 15 and my dad when I was 18—and both were taken away from me very suddenly," she said.  The national tragedies reawakened the sadness and grief she had felt during her personal losses. Since she has sung all her life, Greenwood said, she sought solace in her music.


To date she has written more than 100 songs, many of which are in the easy-listening and gospel genres, she said. She is currently working on a full CD titled, Love in Fear, which should be released in May 2003.

In the days following the attacks, Greenwood said, she was saddened by the images of people walking around with signs and photos of their missing loved ones. On Sept. 30, when she saw the still-smoldering debris at Ground Zero and the daunting recovery efforts, she felt she had to do something—immediately.


"At first I thought of sending a couple of hundred dollars, which was all I could afford," she said.


Then the song that she wrote for her friend came to mind. She started to work on her ideas right away.

Greenwood has sent 400 free copies of the CD to the media and various organizations, including the Todd Beamer Foundation.

She is also working with local businesses in Sunnyvale to display copies of her CD for people to pick up.


Although a whole year has passed since the attacks, the first anniversary is sure to bring a resurgence of emotions, she said.


"I just want the song to comfort people," she added. "Even if it helps just one person."