"Too Good"

You don’t really know his heart

If he’s true when you’re apart

Tomorrow has come and gone

Tell him what’s on your mind

Forgive your self for being blind

Somethimg inside tells you no more

Girl, Why , waste your time

you're too good

Don’t let him make you cry

Don’t listen to his alibis

Don’t let him bring you down

He’ll deceive you with his charms

Turn on you while in his arms

And fill your eyes with tears

Girl you’ve tried – (Girl don’t cry, )

Say good bye

you're too good

He’s not for you – he’ll never be

take back your power to be free

You’ll meet someone new –

someone who will treasure you

Hear me when I say, hey….

you're too good - just walk away

you're too good - hear what I say

you're too good - c’mon girl

you're too good - move on girl

you're too good - ya got the right

you're too good