Voice Coaching Workshop

Private coaching and group classes 

Tricia teaches the necessary tools and

techniques to sing with confidence and ease










Learn the knowledge of the fundamentals of

performance included with vocal coaching.




Tricia is an exceptional teacher. She teaches with soul,

wisdom, and knowledge. She encouraged me to

play with my voice, bring out what was there

(somewhat hidden) all along, and take good care

of the singer and artist in me. I feel truly blessed

to have had such a wonderfully supportive teacher

and friend be my voice coach -

Thank you Tricia!

Anuscheh Nawaz - Rocket Scientist/Musician  


As a former singing student of Tricia Greenwood,

I can honestly say that she is the epitamy of professionalism.

I became a better artist under her teaching.

Her knowledge and experience makes her what

I consider to be one of the finest voice coaches

I've had the pleasure of working with.

I highly recommend her to anyone aspiring to

become a successful singer.


Alyssa G. Valdez - Voice Student at JRP